Well Optimization

Increase Pump Efficiency, Increase Unit Life

Fluid Reading

Don-Nan's state-of-the-art echometer service uses the latest software to provide the most information possible, as well as using an all new wireless system, cutting the time spent on each well in half. The new software provides fluid levels, collar count, production levels and potentials, different pressures, and now an animation of downhole activity.

  • Anomalies in Casing/Tubing
  • Fluid Levels
  • Collar Count
  • Formation Depth
  • Casing Pressure/Pressure Buildup
  • Production Levels/Production Potential
  • Fluid and Gas Densities

Click here to see a sample fluid reading report


Dynamometers record the stress applied to the polish rod throughout the pump stroke. Using the same state-of-the-art software as the echo meter, the dynamometer can provide an animation of real-time pump activity during the stroke of the pump, illustrating fluid movement through the pump, as well as gas and debris in fluid. The dynamometer is also wireless, reducing the time needed on site.

  • Polish Rod Acceleration Rate
  • Weight of the Well
  • Load Variation during Pump Stroke
  • Torque of Unit
  • Motor Load and Balance
  • Efficiency of Pump

Standard Price

Fluid Shot $70
Dynamometer $225
Fluid/Dyno Combo $280
Cost per Mile $0.90

Pump Discount

Fluid Shot $60
Dynamometer $200
Fluid/Dyno Combo $240
Cost per Mile $0.75