Specialty Parts

One-Piece Insert Guided Cage

Of all the parts on the pump assembly, when the balls, seats, and cages become damaged, pump failure is soon to follow. While a carbide insert preventing beat-out may be conventional today, the One-Piece Insert Guided Cage is unconventional. While competitor’s four-piece cages are highly susceptible to breaking, the One-Piece Insert Guided Cage is a solid single cage created by an inertia-welding process to add long-lasting durability to the cage and, most of all, your pump.

Oversized Cage

This big Kahuna provides a larger diameter for increased fluid flow without having to alter the pump bore. The only alteration required is the use of a Don-Nan Type O Mandrel for the hold-down. Given the same pump, a standard API cage seat of 1.75" can be upgraded to a 2" seat by using the Don-Nan Oversized Cage. By increasing fluid flow, fluid turbulence is decreased minimizing gas break and all issues associated with gas. And to aid potential beat-out, internal ball guides are cut into the cage to minimize chaotic ball movement.