Machine Shop

The Don-Nan Machine Shop is capable of manufacturing a full line of subsurface sucker rod and tubing pumps from top to bottom along with tubing anchors and gas separators. Outside of balls, seats and seating cups, every part of your Don-Nan subsurface pump is designed and created from within the corporate headquarters located in Midland, Texas. Raw material doesn't qualify for entry into the Don-Nan Machine shop unless Material Test Reports of the raw material conform to API 11AX specifications. The main manufacturing plant settled into a new 40,000 square-foot building (2006) that recently doubled its size in 2011. Manufacturing now houses over 200,000 square feet. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) turning centers and machining centers, featuring Mori-Seiki and Hitachi-Seiki equipment, permit processing to exact tolerances, including the most complex shapes and sizes. In addition, Don-Nan has a complete Quality Control Department to ensure production conformance, and a CODE welding shop for ANSI 31.1 and API IIAX certified products. Raw material doesn't qualify for entry into the Don-Nan Machine shop unless Material Test Reports of the raw material conform to API 11AX specifications.

Barrel Hone Shop

Using only the most up-to-date state-of-the-art machines, the Don-Nan Barrel Hone Shop takes in raw material and outputs fine barrels that have been inspected to pass API standard requirements. Under the managerial supervision of 33 years of experience in honing barrels, barrels are pre-plate honed from 0.0015" end to end and straightened 0.010" every foot of the barrel. Once the pre-plated have been plated, they are re-honed to precision and all barrels receive a unique serial number, vendor code, and date for any tracing purposes.

Plunger Shop

With fine state-of-the-art machines, the Don-Nan Plunger Shop filters in raw material through a 12-15 point-process in manufacturing high-grade precision plungers from scratch. Along the diligent point-process, every operative point must be within finely specific API tolerances. After multiple straightening and grinding stages, our plungers go through our Nickel based spray-fusion process. Every finished product leaving the plunger shop is carefully packaged, labeled, and ready for shipment.Click here to see our current Plunger (piston) specifications and availability.

Metrology Department

Don-Nan's "TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT" extends beyond manufacturing to all aspects of business, but none more so than Don-Nan's Manufacturing Machine Shop's Metrology Department. The majority of instrumental testing equipment used from manufacturing to pump repair shops of Don-Nan is calibrated by the Metrology Department to standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Any instruments outsourced are sent to verified and accredited agencies.

Engineering Department

At Don-Nan, minimizing pump failures and creating innovative solutions are what drive the engineering department. Equipped with AutoCAD Inventor 3D modeling software, Algor simulation, FEA packages and a metallographic interpretation lab for in-house failure analysis, our engineering department is committed to improving the quality and design of every Don-Nan product. In our commitment to serving customer needs, we are always open to listening and working with ideas that our customers have for producing innovative solutions to problems in the well. Send us your idea or problem here.