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"It's the standard procedure now for every new well. We've been using it for so many years now."
-Mark D.
Engineer, Anonymous Oil Producer

"The patented-design "Don-Nan Gas Separator," developed by Don-Nan Pump & Supply, does simply what its namesake claims to do. Present in most wells in the Permian Basin, gas interference has long been a hindrance to maximum production, leading to down-hole equipment failures. With varying and unique well conditions to combat, the "Don-Nan Gas Separator" is produced in several lengths, tubing sizes, as well as different materials.

The packer-type gas separator is positioned within the tubing string directly above the T.A.C. and rotational packer. The presence of the packer insures that all of the formation fluid from the well bore passes through the gas separator before entering the pump intake. The gas separator is designed to break the gas out of the fluid and allow it to travel upwards at a velocity faster than the velocity of the liquids being drawn into the pump. It prevents the free gas from reaching the pump intake and reduces the occurrence of gas interference and gas lock and improves the pump efficiency. The gas separator favorably creates a lower fluid level in the casing at a faster rate while providing an environment that is conducive to continuous chemical treatment for maintaining a corrosion-free well.

Formation fluid from the well bore travels through the tubing string and reaches the ported coupling of the separator. The fluid passes through the ported coupling and enters the annulus space between the inner flow tube and the outer tube. Once the annulus space between the outer tube and the inner flow tube is filled with fluid, it passes through the four slots of the outer tube and falls back in to the annulus space between the casing and the outer tube, settling on the packer. During this flow path, the fluid experiences low pressure and undergoes turbulence resulting in the gas to break out from its solution form. This free gas travels upwards through the tubing/casing annulus space, diverting most of the gas away from entering the pump intake. Problems such as gas interference, gas lock, and gas pound can be greatly reduced, improving the efficiency and life of the pump.

Manufactured in the Midland facilities, the patented-design "Don-Nan Gas Separator" is assembled entirely with machined components, eliminating the problem of breakage commonly associated with welded connections. Industry leaders from the Permian Basin, Southeast New Mexico, and stretching the Rockies north to Canada will testify to the effectiveness of the "Don-Nan Gas Separator" in increasing the production of their wells."

-James F. Lea

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