Total Quality Management (TQM)

Don-Nan's "TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT" extends beyond manufacturing to all aspects of business, including sales, finance, service, support service, planning, and others.

TQM is doing things right the first time, throughout the organization, by everyone. At Don-Nan, quality means more than complying with the API Spec. 1 and API 11AX requirements or customer specifications. Meeting expectations isn't enough. Quality is working to exceed expectations, doing things right the first time, anticipating and responding to customer needs, while ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you need a quick response, prototype, or "build-to-print" production, our complete manufacturing center offers a ready solution.

Monthly Certification

Our gauges are tested and certified monthly. Our Gagemaker Mic Trac micrometer measures up to one millionth of an inch, ensuring precision threads on all our components.

Quality control and inspection are priorities at Don-Nan. From raw material to finished products, all products are tracked, inspected and documented. Our technical staff is ready to assist in pump selection and design, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pump schools and field training are available upon customer request. And Don-Nan's comprehensive Pump Trak program enables our customers to monitor well performance and pump histories which aid in reducing pump failures.

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